wavelets creative began in 2016 as a way to bring together a variety of artistic practices and possibilities into new ways of seeing and relating to the world – from large scale installation performances, to consulting and organizational development, wavelets offers new approaches and perspectives that can lead to transformation and meaningful growth.

History & Mission

Wavelets Creative was formed by Artistic Director and lead artist James Everest in 2016 to facilitate the growth of an artistic community that could offer unique artistic experiences to artists and audiences alike.

Wavelets Creative’s mission is to collaboratively develop, create, and perform interactive, multi-disciplinary site-specific performance installations as a way of bringing communities together to discover, acknowledge, and reflect upon the histories, cultures, and ecologies that connect us to each other and the natural world.

Wavelets Creative believes that the creative artistic process, while refined and matured in working artists, is an essential part of being human, and is present in everyone, if given opportunities to access it. By including local community members and organizations in aspects of the creative process and performances, Wavelets Creative works to generate ripples of new energy and awareness, awakening individuals and communities to their own capacities for growth and transformation in a way that more firmly grounds them in the times and places of their lives.