The iNMiGRATiON performance installation series began in 2015 with a 13-week residency at The Third Bird in downtown Minneapolis, with live, improvised soundtracks by the all-star Sans Le Systeme music collective, featuring a different lineup each week, with live poetry cameos, and multiple live video projections by video artist Brian Dehler.   In October 2015, the series then migrated to Icehouse Mpls for a 6-month winter residency that saw the addition of The Free Range Orchestra & Choir, a roving group of singers and instrumentalists performing throughout and expanding the performance space. In summer 2016, the series moved outdoors to a string of unique settings and environments, including the Midtown Farmer’s Market, The Wolf House, Square Lake Festival, and wrapped up with a large scale extravaganza as part of the American Swedish Institute’s “Cocktails at the Castle” event on September 16 that featured live poetry from Jeffrey Skemp, Annette Schiebout, Thomas LaBlanc, Alexei Moon Casselle aka Crescent Moon, Ben Weaver, and Jeff Nichols, and a soundtrack performed by SLS featuring JG Everest, Martin Dosh, Chastity Brown, Jacqueline Ultan, Devon dVRG Russell Gray, Sarah White, Ben Durrant, Cory Healey, Truth Maze, Jayanthi Kyle, and Ben Clark, plus the Free Range Orchestra & Choir.  Winter Solstice events at The Wolf House included both outdoor sound garden performances and indoor full band sets. Our Summer 2017 season includes events at The Midtown Farmers Market (May 27) The Northern Spark Festival (June 10) and The Square Lake Festival (Aug 5).

NEXT iNMiGRATiON: Northern Spark Festival Sat June 10 9pm – 5:30am
Large scale “sound garden” sound + video performance installation with Free Range Orchestra & Choir



Chastity Brown & Jayanthi Kyle perform with SLS at Icehouse 4/12/16



SLS – iNMiGRATiON Live at American Swedish Institute part 1 (opening) from Wavelets Creative on Vimeo.